Benefits of choosing VISION as your consultant…

By using Vision as your consultant you will realise the following benefits:

  1. Peace of mind, knowing that your project will be completed by Chartered Professional Engineers and Specialists to provide you with the right advice and elimination of faulty workmanship from non-specialists.
  2. Assignment of a project manager and full support staff who are completely dedicated to your needs.
  3. A focus on deadlines to achieve turnaround on deliverables.
  4. State of the art software and analysis techniques providing you with better outcomes and eliminating conservatism used by others to cover unknowns.
  5. Comprehensive information with detailed recommendations for you, your builders, and councils so that guesswork is eliminated.
  6. Smoother consenting process due to our knowledge of council’s requirements and high quality deliverables allowing you to advance your project ahead of your competition.
  7. Lower overall construction costs due to Value Engineering, understanding and alternative approaches to problems.
  8. Commitment to Future-proof Engineering minimising your costs over the long term
  9. Complete confidentiality
  10. Guaranteed work which is fully backed.
  11. Solid reputable company sought NZ wide for specialist engineering services.

As part of our service, VCE holds Professional Indemnity Insurance. Our contracts include a clause stating that the maximum aggregate amount payable, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, in relation to claims, damages, liabilities, losses or expenses, shall be five times the fee (exclusive of GST and disbursements) with a maximum limit of $NZ250,000.