Meth Testing

There are several options available when it comes to contamination tests: laboratory tests, professional test kits, and at-home test kits. At-home test kits have proven to be very unreliable, and do not give accurate readings. The most reliable option is laboratory tests, where samples are taken from each room in the house. Lab-testing is the most sensitive and accurate approach. Lab tests show a total amount of methamphetamine present. They also show levels of the precursor chemicals amphetamine, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine.


Visions' Level 1- initial screening test is designed as a simple inexpensive way to answer 'Is methamphetamine present or not?' In order to minimise the testing cost, the initial screening test takes samples from every room and combines those samples into one for analysis at the laboratory. This test method is very accurate for detecting the presence of methamphetamine.


Vision also provides Comprehensive and Post-Remediation Testing, which involves testing each room individually.

We test Northland wide.


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