Springs Flat Sports Field, Kamo – Soil Contamination Report


VCE Ltd were awarded a contract with the Whangarei District Council to investigate and report on the re-development of a former market garden into a multi-sports field complex at Kamo. Specifically the investigation and reporting were focused on the ability to re-use the topsoil at the site on the new sports fields. The investigation covered a total area of forty-seven thousand square meters reporting on potential contaminants within the topsoil. All work was carried out in accordance with the Contaminated Land Management Guidelines No. 1 & No. 5.


Whatuwhiwhi Dams


Vision Consulting Engineers Ltd completed a hydraulic analysis and assisted an associate in the stability assessment of two medium risk dams. Near ultimate development of a rural area was proposed discharging to three previously constructed dams in series. The council proposed to stop development as the dams capability to covey the increased flows and the stability of the dams came into question. A successful outcome was reached and the development was allowed to proceed.


Tikitikioure Stage I


Vision Consulting Engineers Ltd has recently overseen the completion of a sixteen lot subdivision within the catchment of one of Northlands most sensitive receiving water bodies. Orongo Bay, Bay of Islands. Low-impact & environmentally sensitive design, careful planning, and construction monitoring have allowed the developer to achieve the desired outcome while also protecting the environment.


Far North District Council : On-site Wastewater Working Group


Vision Consulting Engineers Ltd has spearheaded a working group regarding on-site wastewater management in the Far North. The multidisciplinary working group advised the District Council on items ranging from planning and engineering standards to community awareness programs. The hard work has resulted in new engineering standards for the Far North District.


Extreme Flood Events, Far North, March & July 2007 – Earthquake Commission


Vision Consulting Engineers Ltd aided the Earthquake Commission (EQC) to assess imminent threats to properties from land subsidence and inundation following the back to back flood events of 2007. These flood events equated to a 150 year flood in March followed by a 100 year flood event in July. As well as aiding the EQC Vision over saw emergency works across Northland to stabilise slopes.


Gisborne Earthquake, December 2007 – Earthquake Commission


Vision Consulting Engineers aided the Earthquake Commission (EQC) after an earthquake registering 6.8 on the Richter scale struck Gisborne on 20 December 2007. Vision assessed imminent threats to properties from structural damage to chimneys to speed recovery to allow homes to be refurbished before winter arrived.


Tasman Heights, Ahipara – Stormwater Management


Vision Consulting Engineers Ltd has been selected to provide stormwater management options for a rural-urban catchment within Ahipara. The catchment experienced significant flooding and in-fill development has exacerbated the issue.